Children’s Learning Disability Services

Childrens Learning Disability ServicesRite Directions are excited to introduce their Children’s Learning Disability Service which situated in East Riding of Yorkshire.

At Rite Directions Children’s Learning Disability Services, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to live a healthy, active and fulfilling life, regardless of their disability. The aim of our homes is to provide a safe and stimulating environment for young people.


The service aims to be one of an inclusive environment of high warmth, low criticism and developing boundaries in context with the child’s circumstances and needs and provides a stable and safe environment in which to grow.

Our dedicated staff support and encourage children and young people to achieve positive outcomes in their lives.

The homes are registered with Ofsted who will complete twice yearly inspections to ensure standards are maintained.


At Rite Directions, the needs of our children and young people are paramount and we provide a high standard of Care in an environment that celebrates cultural diversity and promotes equality of opportunity, enabling our children and young people to feel valued and empowered.

Children and Young people have weekly 1:1 time with their key workers and monthly house meetings, giving them opportunities to express opinions, share thoughts and make suggestions concerning their environment and care. An independent visitor will also be available to give additional support, if required.

The home will meet all Quality Standards and Regulations and will receive regular auditing by both internal and external professionals.  


Rite Directions seeks to provide an integrated experience of Care for children and young people aged eight to eighteen years(eight to seventeen on admission), who have learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder and associated complex needs.  As a result of this they are no longer able to live with their birth family and exhausted all other facilities and require specialist help to move forward in their lives.


This service is available twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week, fifty-two (52) weeks a year and provides short and long term Residential Placements for Children who may be unable to live in their family homes.


Telephone: 07930 340022