The fundamental aim of Rite Directions is to provide a nurturing, yet challenging environment, where young people can feel safe, comfortable, valued and given opportunities to build self-esteem and self-respect, whilst restoring their trust in others.

We will endeavour to meet specific needs in the Care Plan/Placement Plan and work towards preparing all young people for the next stage in their lives. We hope to give all young people a strong foundation, on which they can plan and build their future with increased confidence and success.
Fahlberg (1994) writes that children believe that their lives are normal, they are not able to compare their life with the lives of others around them, and because of this they take their view of life and how to live life into every new setting that they face.


At Rite Directions, the needs of our young people are paramount and we will provide a high standard of Care in an environment that celebrates cultural diversity and promotes equality of opportunity, enabling our young people to feel valued and empowered.
According to Levy and Orleans (1998, Pg. 46) Internal Working Models are not entirely conscious but, once established are resistant to change. However, with appropriate experiences the child’s Internal Working Model can change and become modified.

Young people will have weekly meetings, giving them opportunities to express opinions, share thoughts and make suggestions concerning their environment and care. An independent visitor will also be available to give additional support, if required.


In essence, we are able to care for a range of young people with differing needs.
This includes young people who present emotional and behavioural problems and those finding it difficult to accept being “In public care” and who have experienced multiple Placements. Our teams are also experienced in caring for young people with moderate learning difficulties and are particular skilled in working with young people from a multiple cultural backgrounds.

Given the disadvantaged and traumatic backgrounds from which many of our young people will come, it is not surprising that some will display negative behaviour at times.

However, with the extremely high standard of Care offered by our experienced staff, we will be able to give these young people that “Fresh start” thus enabling them to attain emotional and personal growth, social and life skills, in an environment that is well-managed, non-threatening and supportive.
Specialising in the provision for young people requiring primarily, a safety net and place of safety, Rite Directions promises and will deliver the complete care package.
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